Scott Douglas, AIA

“In the world of design I think of macro and micro issues – I come from a world where inches matter.” 

As a Principal at Link Design Group, Scott Douglas brings an incomparable knowledge of the local market and relevant development needs. He is extremely detail oriented and focuses on the crucial, technical side of construction. 

Scott’s development perspective includes all aspects of design, permitting and construction. With a history that includes managing major residential projects for a real estate development companyScott understands the primary areas of importance from each owner’s point of view. He has worked in the Pacific Northwest for over 35 years and has a keen understanding of the marketplace and its numerous players.  

Scott brings a pragmatic perspective of efficiencies to all design – cost and construction, local codes, legalese – and he works to meet the pro forma and expectations of the stakeholders“My whole career has been working with developers and what they look at for metrics and rules of thumb and efficiencies. All of the ideas we bring to new design projects will have a backdrop of those less exciting, but important barometers for measuring success.” 

As a Principal at Link Design Group, Scott is dedicated to minding the details and supporting the evolution of design. “We continue to revisit design ideas that have room for improvement and continually challenge ourselves, but if it’s a better idea, it’s a better idea at any stage of a design.” 

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