CRL Wuhan MixC Cosmetic Zone

An Immersive story telling retail experience


Wuhan, China

Project Size

3000 SM

Building Types




Retail is one of the fastest evolving industries in the worldWe recently seized the opportunity to lead this trend and create a luxury cosmetic and beauty product specialty zone in CRL Wuhan mall. The challenge was to create a versatile layout and design that works with the mall design, while also creating a remarkable space by using technology and innovative material in detail. 

Inspired by the architectural language of ancient temples, we designed the stores and open counters in a circular centric axis, offering every brand equal visibility to the customers. Visitors enter through this area to get to the mall interior – by design, visitors will feel as if they’ve entered into a sacred, calming space. All pathways point to the center where we installed a pop-up stage to showcase various retail functions and events. stretch ceiling graduates towards the center stage and has glowing glass elements and light bronze metal tiles to amplify the glamour of the space

At Link Design Group, we believe one of the most important design strategies is to create a space that provides flexibility. The entry is designed as a welcoming space with flexible functionavailable for many types of retail and social eventsWe designed a theater-like environment, accented with dark floor and flattering lighting, to highlight product display. 

Our approach was to choose materials, fixtures, and textiles that speak to luxury and a lush lifestyle that are attractive to customers. For this, we curated the fabrication of custom-designed reflective tube lighting so that everyone looks radiant

Caseworks are designed as a kit, allowing retailers to choose from several versions and arrangements that are interchangeable. For elegance, we incorporate gold Callacata natural stone and a light bronze metal trim. Mall materials are used for cohesion, yet elevated through the thoughtful addition of Nero Marquina marble accents.